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Reloading / Re: Seating question
The dimensions will be the same but theoretically the “grip” will be different. It would be interesting to chronograph some of those round and compare velocities. The unlubed cases should develop a little more pressure and therefore have a slightly higher velocity.
General Discussion / Re: Caldwell Stable Table-Opinions Needed
There is a significant difference in design between the original center post table and the tri-leg lite table. The center post design reminds me of a portable umbrella. I’m wondering if the lite table might not be the most stable of the two?
General Discussion / Re: Better Introduce Myself
Welcome Westie1.

We ARE  proud of the mature, helpful, and humorous atmosphere that characterizes this forum. We do occasionally stray from center but usually not for long.

Glad to have you with us and look forward to your participation, rather than your history of “lurking”. 😊👍😊
General Discussion / Re: Caldwell Stable Table-Opinions Needed
Paul I can’t help you with the table but here is a good link using the bipod on a bench. The first shooter leaves a little to be desired. Watch the second shooter closely. He is Jacob Bynum, owner of the training facility Rifles Only, - one of the best shooters I know.

Loading a bipod is only part of proper recoil management. When done correctly, the bipod should not hop or move laterally. Additionally, recovery from recoil should put your sight picture directly back on target. Read some articles and watch some videos on recoil management. The amount of forward pressure (load) you put on the bipod will depend on multiple variables: the bipod you are using, the amount of recoil you are “managing”, the rifle system you are using, etc.

If you focus on bipod loading  instead of the total technique for recoil management your marksmanship will suffer.
Ammunition / Re: A report tha Hornady ELD-M rounds "come apart"
A while back there was a suggestion that ELDM issues were associated with Savage barrels. A inclusive review of multiple reports thoroughly debunked that idea. Your buddy was shooting a Savage. What rifle were you shooting and did you see any issues with your rifle using these same rounds?
Reloading / Re: SW4350
Glad to have you with us jiffy. Look forward to your input to help us all learn as we go along.
General Discussion / Re: New 6.5 shooter checking in

 I don't know what you're packin' in your pipe these days but, his buddy has years more experience and to top it off, is shooting a Savage. But of course we will always be here to help him in any way we can, especially spending his money.

Steamer it’s not what I’m packing in my pipe - it’s the RPR I’m packing to the range! 😂

Don’t get me wrong.  I like my HS Precision model 12. The RPR is just more fun to shoot. Oh, and more accurate.

Think I see a Savage/Ruger debate coming here. Jeez I hope Grant doesn’t see this thread.