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General Discussion / Re: Hornady 143 grain ELD-X Lot to Lot variances
COL 2.881 ——-> COL 2.991 is a variance of 30 thousandths. Lot to lot bullet variation in bullet length, or the base of bullet to ogive measurement rarely exceeds 6 thousandths. Same for bullet weight variation for lot to lot changes in total grains. I sounds like you have some other variable going on other than just a change in bullet lots.  If you have any of the old bullets left over, you could make some comparative measurements to investigate.
General Discussion / Re: fx120i and auto trickler
If you were meticulous with your weights - cross checking with a second scale - you will probably not see and improvement on target. The benefit of the system is using a quality scale that you don’t have to second guess, but mainly the benefit is being able to relax while the trickler nails your charge every time. It just makes charging cases a relaxed, enjoyable and rapid procedure.
Competition / Re: New to Competition Shooting ..........
Hi Bob - welcome to our 6.5CM forum. We have several competitors in our group who might be able to help you. In the interim, you might also post your question over on the Accurate Shooter forum under their section called Competition Forum.

Give us some info about yourself and what rig you are using in competition.
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
He’s a pretty clever guy. Kinda dumb like a fox.

Easy Jack - that was a complement!
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
Well when you get to be an old fart Dave you just can’t run as fast as you used to.

Greg I’ve been looking at that pressure trace for a couple years. They are equivalent to a mid range scope, but I haven’t convinced myself that it’s something that I really need. Would be fun to play with though 😄.
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
Thanks for the link Dave.

Personally I just can’t see the benefit of pushing velocity using a powder that doesn’t provide the temp stability of R16, imr4451, or H4350.
Reloading / Re: 6.5CM newb
Your factory ammo shot pretty darn good. The velocity you recorded with it was 2735 - right where a node should be (2715 - 2735). Berger’s and ELDs like to jump - as much as 80k. How far is the ELD bullet, in the commercial ammo, seated off the lands?
Reloading / Re: 6.5CM newb
There will be another one that shows up as you move incrementally further away from the lands.