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Reloading / Re: Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammunition Concentricity Tool
One of the benefits of a Forster Coax press is the way it allows smooth alignment of the components as the projectiles are being seated. This = great concentricity off the press. I saw this after changing to a Coax from another reputable brand. I sold my Hornady gauge a few years ago now. The quality of the rounds or level of accuracy has not suffered as a result.

Its always better to fix the cause than repair the symptom.

My 2c
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Night Force Competition

That PRS blog was 3 years ago. I remember reading it as I was looking for a scope at the time.
The guy who ran that scope test actually asked March to confirm whether their Mil turrets were the standard used by scope manufacturers 1/6283 or the NATO 1/6400.
The question was raised by a few as both scopes tested with the same variance.
If they were at that time NATO spec this might explain the discrepancy against other scopes but not necessarily an error.
Unfortunately March did not respond to confirm so their scope was left with evaluation as tested.

Check this website out

Stuart Elliot owns this shooting supply shop here & is the sole March distributor. He has won more shooting titles than you can imagine. From rimfire to 1000yd Benchrest. He uses the scopes & knows the product. He is a straight up guy.
He will answer any of your concerns before you buy.
Well worth the phone call
Gunsmithing / Re: annealing
For hunting rounds I do them after 2 firings
Precision shooting - every firing
AR Variants / Re: Hand lapping barrel?
Between me & one of my shooting buddies we have 5 Bartlein & 2 Benchmark barrels. That little extra you wait & pay for saves on any need to for lapping etc. They are just that good in every aspect IMO.
Theres plenty of other great names out there too.
If you have paid for a cheaper barrel & had to spend time & money on lapping theres nothing saved IMO. Just saying.
General Discussion / Re: another new guy
I echo Jerrys sentiments about formally teaching young people to become rifleman.
My hat goes off to you. Quite a responsibility, but at the same time very rewarding I'm sure.
Hope you enjoy expanding your experience into reloading.
All the best.
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