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Gunsmithing / Toroidal bolt lugs
After watching this Ted Karagias video 5-6 times I find myself mechanically challenged to the point that I’m wondering if this design is genius or hype.

Toroidal lugs are proprietary to the American Rifle Company Actions. First released in the Mausingfield action and now more recently in the less “beefy” Nucleus. The Mausingfield is expensive, tough, smooth to operate, and gaining popularity in the long range precision rifle custom builds. The Nucleus is less expensive but retains all of the core innovations of the Mausingfield including the toroidal bolt lugs. As a less expensive version of the ARC design, the Nucleus is selling like hot cakes. It seems that if this lug system is not what it’s cracked up to be, it won’t be long before the fat lady sings.

I know we have some very good engineering minds on the forum and I would like to ask for some EDUCATED in put here.
Reloading / Hornady 147 ELD
Several recent posts over on AS are suggesting recently produced 147 ELDs are coming apart mid- flight. Any one here seeing that problem?
Reloading / ES and small primers
I’m curious if anyone has noticed an increased ES with small primers during cold weather relative to warm weather?
General Discussion / Glossary Input
Over the last year there have been a few requests for a reloading glossary as a resource on the forum. That project is now underway with the participation of all of the forum monitors. The intent is to produce a list of terms commonly used in our reloading discussions to help uniform the terminology used and to help new members have a resource to consult.

Im sure the list will not be totally comprehensive, but we will do our best.  The glossary will contain reloading terms, as well as, some terms that relate to ballistics and rifle components if they are important to the goals of quality reloading. (ex. throat, leade, bullet jump, etc).
If there are terms that you think are misused, not well known, or confusing, please send me a PM with your suggestions for inclusion into the list.

We are thinking about a month to get this glossary put together and edited by all the monitors.

Thanx for you help,

Reloading / SP Lapua / RPR firing pin
It’s time to retire some old brass and I’m considering going to the Lapua SP brass for my RPR. I’m curious if anyone who has already done this, has had any problems with the RPR standard firing pin causing damage to the primers.

I could have Gre-Tan bush the pin, but would need to plan for it if it’s a necessary change.
Bolt Action Rifles / Bartlein Barrels
Today I had a very knowledgeable gunsmith tell me that recent Bartlein barrel quality has taken a nosedive resulting in significantly shortened barrel life. I’m hoping this is just a nasty “fake news” rumor.  I’m curious if any one has some corroborative info on the subject?
Reloading / Case capacity versus bullet BC
It seems bullet manufacturers are riding the market wave for higher and higher ballistic coefficients in their products.  With a set diameter, only bullet shape and bullet weight play major roles in the external ballistics of the projectile. I’m using the term shape to describe predominantly the ogive and bullet base forms incorporated in modern projectiles. Bullet shape seems to have been optimized and now there is a push to increase bullet weight to increase length and thus BC of the bullet. Case in point - the 147 gr Hornady and 150 gr Sierra offerings for the 6.5 bore.

Precision shooting correctly focuses on bullet BC, but time to target (velocity) is also an important factor. The 150 gr Sierra comes with a recommendation to use a faster barrel twist which inhibits velocity. With increasing bullet weight, increased barrel twist, and a static case capacity, it seems there has to be a point where limitations in velocity begin to defeat any benefit of increased BC. If this logic is correct, where is that point for the 6.5 Creedmoor case?

Another way of asking this question would be: Are the newer (145 + gr) 6.5 mm projectiles better suited for cases with capacities larger than the Creedmoor, such as the new PRS or the older 6.5/284 cases?
General Discussion / Shooting Illustrated
Bryce Towsley  wrote a good, generally informative, article for SI on the 6.5 Creedmoor. His notes on powder options are right on point. Check it out if you can. I would like to see this gentleman in our membership. 😊
Bolt Action Rifles / MPA BA Rifles
This rifle is looking more and more attractive to me. I’m curious if anyone on the forum has any first hand experience with them or the company?
General Discussion / Imgur for Dummies
Ok, I loaded the app on my iPhone and got my stored images linked to the app. How do I select an image and then load it to a thread on our forum?

This dummy is stumped! 😡
Gunsmithing / Savage 12 action
Here is a question for the action gurus of our family. I have a model 12 action in my LRP. Great rifle with very good accuracy thru a 28"  Bartlein barrel. I shoot it prone on steel. Sometimes I get super aggravated when cycling a round because the bolt lift is so stiff that I lose my target picture in the scope. Even when stabilizing the stock with the bag and my left hand the rifle rotates more than I like. I have large strong hands,  but the bolt lift is still too hard to allow me to lever it up with my thumb anchored to the back of the receiver. May be I'm spoiled from running my Kelbley and RPR actions which do not do this. I believe the Savage action cocks the firing pin on elevation of the bolt handle. Is there some bolt kit that I can install to make the action easier to cycle?
Angie's List / Precision Reloading of South Dakota
Great experience with these folks today. I had H4350 on my wish list and decided to call this morning to see when they were expecting a new shipment. While I was on the phone with Trent the Hodgdon delivery truck pulled into their unloading dock at 10:30. They unloaded the shipment processed my order and had it on the FedEx truck at 2:30. Four hours total to turn the product out for me. That's just plain good service. Thanx guys!