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Gunsmithing / Re: struggling with my 6.5x284 and think i found the culpruit...
Right on Grant! Thanks for making me not look like the most impulsive guy in the room.

Sorry buddy. You can fight it but you’re not going to get over it. 😊. May as well suck it up and place the order so you can rest better.

I was inches from pulling the trigger on a comp rifle today. Had a change of heart and had to go play with the Savages to get over it. LOL
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Savage 10 Predator????

Try putting a Boyd's laminated stock on yer RAP like the Classic model I have. Believe it of not my groups got a bit smaller on average with that stock. And the Boyd's stock (plus a metal Savage 110 trigger guard) will make the RAP look and feel much better. For only another $35. you can get the stock checkered. I got fish scale checkering and it's perfect. Amazing what CNC laser can do.

Then I added a Timmy Trigger and noe I can shoot 1/2" groups with 140 gr. Hornady ELD-M. 

Eric B.

Something just seems wrong about CNC checkering. It is already becoming a lost art.
General Discussion / Re: John Aron's New 6.5 Semi Auto Custom Build
I had an opportunity to spot for Johnaron yesterday on some steel. It was a joy to watch his efforts come together with great success! 

His first AR build, pushing 143gr ELDs through a 22” barrel. Consistent hits at all ranges out to 1012yards!  Great job John on both the build and the load development. 😁
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Copper in Barrel?

I've gone back to Hoppe's #9.  I can let it soak longer...Pro Shot Copper Solvent instructs to soak for "several minutes".

Hoppe's leaves the blue too but it's harder to see since the product itself is brown.

The copper bands are getting smaller.....

Losso? [Plant-based bio paste] Does it work?

Thanks for tips!

Capital eye 😊  Iosso. It’s an odorless paste. Works like a charm.
General Discussion / Re: 6mm Creedmoor pushing out the 6.5mm brother??? I don’t think so
The funny part is 6mms are not gaining popularity now. They were in use in 2004 in PRS matches. I used one for 4 seasons in matches before going to the 6.5 Creed. Match cartridges ebb and flow.

In today’s competition conversations, most people are not thinking about a 243 Win cartridge when discussing the surge in popularity of the 6mm.