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Reloading / Re: Beginner reloader
Thanks for your input, that makes sense! Appreciate it.
Central west NSW, originally from NT. How about yourself?
I just used standard hornady modified case, I wasn't happy with the measurements though which is why I used the bolt method instead. Might try a fireform case though and see what it measures as. Thanks for the tip.

Sydney mate. But I get around  ;)
Reloading / Re: New to reloading Creedmoor. COL measurement
I am using the hornady C.O.L guage to measure my chamber. Tikka CTR.
I am getting 2.319.  Taking ten measurements, dropping max/min and taking average.

If I seat bullet to .020 off this measurement (2.299) the OAL will be 2.978.  This is too long to fit in mag.  Mag capacity is 2.928.

Factory rounds (Hornady 147 ELD MATCH) are 2.798 OAL and 2.151 to ogive.

If I seat bullets to OAL of 2.915 to fit in mag, the COL is 2.277 which is .042 off lands. 

Using my measurements factory rounds are .168 off lands.

Is this possible/normal or am I doing something drastically wrong?
That means your touch CBTO length is 2.319
Thats the longest I've ever seen posted on here. Are you 100% thats its correct?
You'll be making good use of case capacity !! :D
Reloading / Re: A problem with some brass
:-* Running Peterson and Lapua brass, in the Lapua, used in a Savage LRH, I can go 42.0 and a little higher, but in the Savage 12 FV using Peterson, 41.6gr h4350, (both with Berger 140gr hybrid) is highest I can go without pressure......and I keep hearing about loads that would lock my rifles up, I am a believer in different brass, different pressure...rsbhunter
I suspect you will find the neck thickness to be the cause of pressure with the Peterson brass. I encountered it in my rifle. Was showing pressure with a light load.I turned the 0.015 necks down to 0.013 & the same load runs fine now.
A .294 loaded neck OD is too tight for a 6.5 standard chamber from my experience
Wildcats / Re: 6BR
I’ve got a Bartlein sitting here in MP contour 7.5” twist
I’m going to go 6BR or dasher
Perfect for 105s bud
General Discussion / Re: John Aron's New 6.5 Semi Auto Custom Build
There are some positive reports for the Nosler RDF used in hunting though not originally designed for it.
Some have suggested opening the meplat up slightly to assist with expansion.
I can tell you do shoot extremely wel & are very consistent in dimension. I’ve put 500 through my new barrel now. No hunting with them however.
General Discussion / Re: Improving My Practice Rifle
My .22 has the same sight picture as my match rifle.  It's also very accurate.  I am new to reloading so tuning in my .223 will allow me to shoot in higher winds and improve my calls.  There is only a 12 grain difference from my .22 but the Hornady ELD match bullets also mirror my Creedmoor (140 gr.).  I believe that minimizing the variables between match and practice is a good thing.  It would be cool to have the exact same trigger.  8)

Ditto on the trigger. The most important thing to duplicate really.
I have the same profile barrel as my match rifle to try & maintain the same feel for weight. No brake though.
I am changing out my Manners T5A for a MPA Comp Chassis which is on the way , should be here anyday now.
If I'm happy with it I'll sell my Manners to buy another for the practice rifle.
I'm going to shoot 75gr Amax in mine.
I've had the barrel , bullets & brass for 6 months but was undecided which way to go. This thread prompted me to ask for feedback.