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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: A Custom 6.5 CM Hunting Rifle
You won’t regret it.
Build a nice one. A few asked me why , I just wanted a top shelf hunting rifle.
I guess to use the precision we all love so much for a real purpose.
I built my CM on a Defiance Deviant Hunter with a Benchmark #4 barrel in a Manners EH3 stock.
I have had it a bit over 4 years now. The paint is wearing off the stock. The cerakote is a bit beaten & the 2.5-10 PST on top is not in showroom condition anymore either. But I love it. I remember all the trips I’ve had with it. I’d never sell it. It’s my gun.
Go your hardest Sportacus I say.
Gunsmithing / Re: 6 Creedmoor barrel inbound!
Going to do some LD for a friends new 6CM shooting 108ELDM with H4350 powder
26” pipe
Any recommendations for a charge weight range to test over the Labradar?
Gunsmithing / Re: 6 Creedmoor barrel inbound!
One of the fellas here is nearly finished a 6-284 for varminting
That’ll be the gold standard in  barrel burning 😂
But man it’ll hit hard ....
General Discussion / Re: Credit card info stolen
I had a similar thing a while back. The bank told me to always type in the site names when shopping do not use quick links etc. Hackers attach trojans etc to links & wait for you to use them to access details.
I was reimbursed as they could see i couldn’t  purchase a pizza in the UK & get fuel in Australia on the same day.
Hope you get your money back.
Sounds like it might be a different situation with you though.
General Discussion / Re: Just saying G'day
Welcome mate! Plenty of guys running the Hardy gear here in Australia it’s good stuff!
Is that a Southfort labs stock?  I was checking them out at Shot Show here this year. Really nice stock.
Nice scope too!!
Reloading / Re: Defiance action magazine feed problem
If you have access to any other stocks or chassis. Swap it over and see what results
Process of elimination.
Obviously a magwell size issue there for sure.
With the bolt removed look through the back of the action & see how much of the round you can see in a loaded mag
Compare this with your action in another stock / chassis if you can.
This height is really important.
Reloading / Re: Defiance action magazine feed problem
If the first few cycle ok  I would say the rounds are moving forward under recoil. Saying that though If the stock is inletted correctly all AI  compatible mags should fit & feed correctly. I have 4 different brands of mags & they all work fine in my Defiance. I have had it in both a  stock & a chassis also with no issues.
Get all the mags to fit correctly as a start. If they do not fit up into the magwell correctly there will always feed issues.