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General Discussion / Re: Velcro-backed 6.5 Creedmoor Store patches
Happy to send you some of the standard patches Eric
You can glue the velcro straight to the back of them. A few have done it here no problem
I won’t be making any more patches
Didn’t get anywhere near the demand that a lot indicated when I had these made.
Same with hats when I asked about them I think I got about 20 preferences & none were the same so I’m glad I didn’t go down that route.
General Discussion / Re: 1000yd Target Size
Ours is 20” across & 30” top to bottom.
It’s at 1080yards / 1000m
Have a line across it to check waterline
It’s a good size to check your rounds on as without feedback what do you have?
We have a 24” disc we can shoot at 1500m Last time out I went 5/8  in 6mph winds.
We generally size about 1.5 MOA for distance.
Reloading / Re: "Run-Out"
Buy a Forster Coax press and you will have negligible runout in your rounds
I sold my Hornady Concentricity tool after I got the Coax
Didn’t need it any more.
The fully floating system of this press with an Ultra seater is as good as it gets IMO
Wildcats / Re: The 6.53 Creedmoor
Checkout this site
Specialises in 25cal cartridges
Sells reamers , barrels & a specialty 131gr projy made under licence for them by Sierra
Have been following them for a while now. Some very impressive results with the 25CM & 25x 47
A 330G7  BC 6mm performance 65 barrel life
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: New to 6.5 CM, need advise
For some the thought of building or rebarrelling rifles is a little overwhelming when you haven’t done it before.
Most want something off the shelf that will do the job.
A Howa in 65CM is super cheap & very capable of your requirements.
I own a few Howas.
General Discussion / Re: he's getting better!!!
that boy of mine is getting better at both benches... this group he shot is from a 6.5 creedmoor he put together.. he got a barreled bat action off ranger188 and put it in a manners t4a carbon fiber stock.. really nice rifle... he then did a ten shot ladder test with lapua brass, h4350 and 140 gr. berger hybrids... the ladder showed a couple flat spots and he picked the lower one... and was shooting 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups... and came in and said it was shooting that load like crap... I went out and looked and told him that was pretty dang good I thought... he let me know right away that wasn't good so back to the reloading bench and he loaded some at the higher flat spot and I watched him shoot this 3 shot group... he turned and smiled and said that's what im im like yeah that will do  ::)
I’ve told you before ! 1 shot groups aren’t groups !! Sheesh.......🙄
Reloading / Re: Die Suggestions ?
Reminds me of an old joke.... "Hey Quido !!  That's the third bar on the
chain saw, you broke today. Would not it be easier just to pull the rope
and use the !!  Read the manual Quido.....What manual ??
No paper in the out house this morning.....
I love it 😂😂😂😂
Reloading / Re: Dynamic World things are always changing (distance to rifling anyway)
Just have to back up to another node. How far is too far of a jump. Such a thing?
Now that I have my load done, this post reminds me to measure mine and record it again. Along with a Lab Radar test.
The jump distance is irrelevant if it shoots & the pressure is ok
It is what it is.
Ive always ended up somewhere between .020 & .050 after tuning
With slight variances in bullet ogives you don’t want to try running a short jump without bullet sorting or you may end up jamming a few which isn’t desirable in a hunting rifle.
Jammed rounds generally present pressure quickly too
Around .020 has always been a winner generally
mono bullets i’ve found like a longer jump generally The Barnes TTSX i ended up at .050
Good luck
Reloading / Re: Dynamic World things are always changing (distance to rifling anyway)
No question here just a comment on rifling moving farther out as we shoot. I bought a Savage 12FV about a year ago, keeping good records on everything as I shoot. Put a lot of rounds downrange now 2400 + I noticed this week my rifling is now a little over .110 out from where it started. A tenth of a inch. No biggie I guess, it's a blowtorch in there after all. So I figured I'd measure my Savage LRP it has just over 1000 rounds downrange. Sure enough it measures just over .050 of wear to the rifling. Both are 6.5 Creedmoors, I only shoot heavy 147 eld-m for what it's worth. Mostly RL16 and H4350 depending on the brass. That's it, just thought it was interesting. Maybe it's old news.
Depending on what your CBTO measurement was when the 12FV was new , with .110 of movement you may have trouble seating close to the lands from here on in.
.110 is a country mile in seating depth terminology.
General Discussion / Re: Chassis rifle opinions and why.
Stock/chassis choices are a very personal decision.
For precision /competition rifles I have moved over to the MPA chassis even with my 22LR , I just love em.
I still run the Manners traditional style stocks on my hunting rifles though.
Im 100% certain any barrelled action from Core shooting will be a hammer , all up to you re budget etc.
One thing I will say though. You may own this rifle your whole life , if the one you really want is only a few months extra I'd wait or you may end up doing it all again.
My 2c
Good luck
Post pics of what you buy
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 22" v.s. 24" barrel velocities
A few years back A buddy of mine had a 30" Bartlein pipe fitted in 65 cm. At the time I was running a 27"  We were getting almost identical speed for the same powder type , batch & load. After a few hundred rounds he had it cut back to 26" for a total loss of 40fps.
Longer barrels definitely give you more speed but once you go past a a certain length experimentation with slower burn rate powders is needed to get the full benefit out of that extra length IMO.
This would again vary with different cartridges too I think.
The 65 CM is inherently a very efficient cartridge so with the right barrel good speeds can be attained without super long length. 24 - 26" is gives the best all round results IMO.
Im currently getting 2900fps with 42.4gr H4350 in a Bartlein 26" It has 1600 odd through it now. This barrel has increased in speed over what I would call a higher round count that normal since I first fitted it (about 500 rounds) The 2nd one Ive had to do so I might add.
I just scoped it this week, erosion & fire cracking are not too bad. Ive gained .026 to the lands. Plenty of life left in her yet though.
The Benchmark I used to have settled out at around 150 rounds  & stayed there.These are not cut rifled though so a different animal all together.
I still have a 24" Benchmark after 5 years on my hunting rifle I'm solid on 24" as the go to allrounder for hunting rifles in 65 CM.
Reloading / Re: Die Suggestions ?
Root man not all of us use Lee presses. You have tried to stir up shit ever since you joined this forum with your I know more than everybody else attitude...when in reality the stuff you say shows your ignorance when it comes to loading precision ammo. Far as I'm concerned you can find somewhere else to run your mouth about how damn smart you are. You have absolutely helped no one on here.
Perhaps he can go weigh some rounds at a windless range with like minded folk in another state  ;D  ;D  ;D