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Wildcats / Re: Good news for some
Dan,  as you said before, it's good to have choices.  I think if Lapua makes the Dasher, it will have a sudden extra surge just because of the people that were hold-outs cause of the lack of "good" or easy factory brass.  Not that you guy's couldn't make accurate brass, it's just a pain to fire form for some of us.  How many 6.5 or 6's are to many to own???   :D  :D
If I buy the Dasher, it will make 4.  Good divorce lawyer anyone?  LOL
I think in 2019, a 7mmx300 Norma might be in the future. Reaching out to 3/4 mile + ( 1320 yds. ) consistently really sounds like fun..

Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do 😬
Reloading / Re: Tuning the 6 BRA at 600
I think you caught it Dave. Looks like the dreaded donut syndrome. It’s getting pushed to outside hanging up in neck shoulder junction. Turning down into junction like you did should alleviate the resistance and let you find the baseline of chamber 👍🏻
Reloading / Re: Tuning the 6 BRA at 600
Did you verify case length?

I fireform Dasher brass and get sharp shoulders on second firing. Even on a mild charge we’re still talking about tens of thousands of psi. Your brass is (or should be) conforming to your chamber, bump back shoulder from that baseline and I can’t see how it would bind.
What about the body is that getting contacted by the sizing die that you made?
General Discussion / Re: Sling
Quick adjust for length probably. I have a Rifles Only that is configured like that.
Gunsmithing / Re: struggling with my 6.5x284 and think i found the culpruit...
I'm starting to think that rumor is true. Lol. Had problems with the last 2 I got. But it won't be a problem for long. You guys are right. That's what we do with junk barrels. Yank them off and use them for tomato stakes. James at nss will be getting a call Monday morning and A new shilen it will be.
Hey Grant have you considered getting a prefit from Josh?
 I’ll tell you what, he’s done my last 3 pipes on his Haas CNC lathe and they’re all lasers. So in a recent conversation we were discussing his new shop, flow, equipment etc. I already knew he purchased a new machine (Samsung milling center) and asked how it was working out. He tells me it’s awesome and that he’s realizing even more exacting tolerances than the Haas!  Cool part he’s using the Samsung to do all his pre-fits. He’s well stocked w Rock Creek blanks also. FFT is all.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: pics of your rigs

Here’s my latest creation. Dropped my TL3 Dasher into a MPA BA Comp chassis. I’m really liking it so far. Only used it in one match to date but it’s a keeper.
Patriot Valley Arms have a good supply of these in stock. Josh is giving good deals on them if you’re in the market..
Reloading / Re: Tuning the 6 BRA at 600
I've never given the bolt to breech any thought before I always assumed the go / no go gages took care of that.

Or sacrifice a case. Set your bump at .002” based on your fired case dimensions and keep trimming a couple thousands off your total case length and  see if bolt frees up.