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General Discussion / Re: Incipient Head Separation
Really doubt it’s the charge weight. What does 41.5gr yield in MV in your rig? Was the brass new? If it was FLR and then flowed forward to refusal of your chamber then the damage can be done and there is no restoring it even with just bumping shoulders moving forward.
  If  majority are showing this symptom then the brass has been overworked. If it’s just a few cull them out and start bumping the shoulder .0015”-.002” and monitor after ea firing to see if condition stays dormant.
 Quality, non-overworked brass can give very good life even in the higher nodes. From my experience the primer pockets will get loose before incipient case head separation occurs if the brass is not overworked. I’ve had over 30+ cycles on lots of Lapua brass with no sign of incipient case head stretch. Primer pockets were getting sloppy however. I retire them at that point. After 30 reloads they don’t owe me a thing.
  Have you checked your headspacing against a go/no gauge?
Reloading / Re: Scales
Congrats Dave. Get yourself a good quality 100g calibration weight if you didn’t already.
Reloading / Re: Chasing the Lands Question
...just a thought, not based on experience, but for a bolt action barrel would it be "less expensive" to have the chamber end trimmed enough to rechamber the barrel to overcome the erosion?  I would think that a good machinist/smith could continue the original threading forward, especially if the barrel is turned from the beginning with a longer shank to accommodate such an endeavor when the throat elongates?  ...can tell it's a Monday, random thoughts popping up, LOL

This is called setting back the barrel. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not practical for what I do -PRS type competitions. No way around firecracking, a plasma jet is in the magnitude of how many degrees F?? I tossed the idea around with my smith and the only way it would make sense is to “stay ahead” of the damage the barrel suffers is to set back about every 600 rds fired. (This is with a 6br parent case) Of course then the mv of load can suffer due to shortening the pipe.. more propellent to compensate... more powder- hotter jet.... For me just more practical to have a new one ready to rock.
Barrels are like Doritos, we’ll make more.. just my opinion is all :D
General Discussion / Re: Vision Correction Strategies for Shooters - Especially for us Old Guys
I’m testing 2x bi-focal safety glasses that I got off Amazon. So far so good, hoping these will save my season. My biggest obstacle as of late is not when I’m on the glass, as I need no correction except when reading or up close detail. My problem is when I come off the glass to dial, total blur and I don’t have time to count clicks, not always practical to hold over/under. So a simple tilt of head and I’m in business again. Without correction I am truly f’d. They come in all different magnifications and are only $10-$12/pr iirc. They’re Lexan also btw, which only makes me feel better about using them in the shooting  setting.
General Discussion / Re: MOA all DAY?
I’m liking the upper node, less vertical.
@dadajack which node is talking to you Node Whisperer?
I’m picturing you and a blank stare, watching this guy going Chuck Norris with “W!-T!-F!” on a loop in your brain. LMAO
Hunting / Re: First deer ever
Welcome fishnchipper.
The smiles on your son and his buddy’s face says it all.
General Discussion / Re: awesome day shooting with my buddy
Yesterday reading wind was tough. Forgot to take any ribbon to hang and was mainly watching what little mirage there was. We would get on for 3 or 4 shots and then miss 2 or 3 and would have to hold a little different for the wind. A learning experience for sure

For sure 👍🏻 If you gotta practice, do it in the wind. Mirage can be a friend. Rob gave me some good pointers at a match once. It lets you know what the wind is doing in real time at the target.
Try to correlate the corrections you made to get back on target with what the mirage is doing.

I know there’s a windless range joke to soon

What we look for in precision rifle is misses. If you can see your dropped point thru the optic, the quick follow up shots using FFP correction is clutch to rack up hits. When shifting wind is present and you can’t see splashes is when it get’s fun. 🙄 When steels are surrounded by vegetation it’s a pita. The experienced shooters will sacrifice 1 round on a large nearby rock or dirt patch if possible, so as to see the splash aka: miss. Smarter play than wasting rounds on trying 2/10ths left then 2/10ths right etc..
Another reason why muzzle brakes are so important in that game, it’s not about sparring your shoulder. Managing your luck when the opportunity presents itself is what can help to keep hit percentages high. Those able to do it consistently are the ones usually getting their rounds chronographed after the match. Great thread 🤙🏻
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