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Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: KAHLES 624i 6-24x56 warranty
I own three and have not needed any repairs.
However I have at least one going back for a re-reticle. I was given a lead time of 6-8wks. 
All service and warranty work in US is handled thru Kahles/Swarovski in Rhode Island.
All work to be performed at Kahles factory in Austria.
CS is great. I dealt with them via email for some add on parts and received them two days later in mail. Buy w confidence, Kahles is top shelf.
Reloading / Re: Testing RL 26
I just grab whatever powder is layin on the bench, pour it in a case and brush it off even, then "tap" the boolit on top with my ballpeen hammer till it looks about right. Sometimes I do use my bench vise, but that's only on them hollow points cause I don't want the hole in the middle to get all wonky from the hammer...
lol. How’s that working out for you?
General Discussion / Re: riddle me this ole wise one's
I’d toss it but get that it will bug the hell out of you. 
You can check springback w some vise grips.  Run down till jaws just kiss OD, add 1/16 of a turn (or less) to compress neck and see if brass returns.
Gunsmithing / Re: Savage 4.27" SS build
Love them! Biggest thing I like about them is I'm not dependent on a gunsmith to build a rifle. Gather up my parts, call James at NSS for a barrel and I'm shooting in a few days!

I hear ya. Prefits are gaining a lot of traction even w the “custom” action crowd. Because the receivers are held to such exacting standards shouldered prefits as well as the QC setups, i.e. barloc etc.. are now omitting the need for “smiths” in that capacity as an option.
Many of the aftermarket receivers are cut for SSS (Savage Small Shank) for this reason
Hunting / Re: missed my chance...
Zero blood w a 143 eldx?
Sucks but I have to be honest w you, if I was in your shoes I’d rather know I missed him completely than think I mortally wounded him w zero clue on his whereabouts.
Reloading / Re: New brass, Quickcheck my Quickload please
I’m running 40.0 gr H4350 in Alpha LRP to achieve 2760mv.
Virgin brass will yield slightly hotter mv until fire formed. I broke them in at 39.3 and had good moa to practice with.
General Discussion / Re: 1000yd Target Size
your buddy might change his mind after a few unsuccessful trips to shoot unless he's a hell of a shot and got all his ducks in a row... theirs guys on here that can probably wear out a 12 inch plate at a grand but im guessing you could count them on your hand... im damn sure not one of I like daves target... :)

Last Sun. at a match I was getting my ass kicked at 1118yds on a 12” circle. Wind was switching 🤯 Spotter told me after stage I was missing off ea edge by 1-2” after correcting 😖  Stage limitations made best position to kneel and shoot off a round boulder using 1 bag, noooo problem 🙄

Personally I think shooting at a smaller targets forces me to place my rounds rather than just connect on steel. Target size (steel) is secondary to having a legit backstop or berm to see misses. If I can spot my own miss thru scope I try to send rounds as quickly as I can before wind changes.  Shooting solo into vegetation at those distances is an exercise in bracketing.
I know of guys who spread a bag of Lime on berms behind deep targets. Helps a lot.
If fortunate enough to have a spotter, set up behind shooter to see trace. With good glass you can watch the wind influence the bullet path.