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snip frm the thread on the hide.

The ONLY difference is the front piece of the barloc. The SAVAGE PREFIT style has a barrel nut. The back end of the barrel nut has a corresponding taper to the inner ring of the Barloc.
Action ---> Tapered ring ---> Barloc clamp ---> Savage style nut with tapered rear end---> savage prefit barrel

The other setup uses two of the same tapered rings that butt up against flat surfaces---- Your action face, and a shoulder on a barrel.
Action ---> Tapered ring ---> Barloc Clamp ---> tapered ring ---> shouldered barrel

ETA: The thread pitch and diameter is the same for both setups, obviously because it has to thread into your action. What does change is the outside diameter of the barrel. Savage prefits max outside diameter is the major diameter of the 1.0625x20tpi threads, i.e. just a little under 1-1/16" diameter. Most shouldered barrels are 1.200-1.250" in diameter, so what Bohem is talking about is he ordered a shitload of 1.200" blanks to make prefits for SHOULDERED setups, and can't just switch the order after it's processed and production on the blanks has begun to get 1.063" blanks to make the savage prefit style barrels. If you go buy a savage prefit barrel, you always need the barrel nut because there's no provision for a shoulder.

If you buy a 1.200-1.250" blank you're better off going shouldered.

Thread: last page has correct info.
I am not the biggest, nor the fastest.  I will not fall short or stray off my target. I am a surgical instrument, who lives in the X ring. I am the 6.5 Creedmoor with deadly precision.


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It seems like PVA ordered a bunch of blanks and ARC pre-sold a lot of Barlocs.

The shoulder thing seems like Ted doing PVA a favor because PVA customers thought they could have both a Barloc and a John Hancock style PVA pre-fit barrel.

I have to imagine that the barrel nut version will be an option (and probably default) for people who ordered as we have a reasonable expectation to get the product as described.


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I got my barrel.  It's going to be hard waiting for my action and Barloc.

I was supposed to get my brake today but even though Silencer Shop says they have my brake in stock, they don't.  I paid more than direct from Thunder Beast trying to get it soon (Thunder Beast is out too) so I'm a bit pissed.

I was going to screw on my brake as a thread protector but that's not happening.  Luckily I have a 5/8-24 thread protector that isn't currently in use.  It stands just proud of the crown when hand tight so my barrel is protected but I would rather have my brake.

I got my trigger and my trigger shoe.  They both look nice but I think the Sensive is designed for a thinner trigger bar.  It clamps on but seems easy to push sideways even after it is torqued pretty well.  I'm thinking I might try carbidizing the bar to create some tooth.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to test a Timney without an action?


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Silencer Shop replied to my email, my brake is three weeks out according to them but their web site still shows in stock.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to ask for an RMA in 22 days.


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I actually got the 223 and mag bolt this forces me into trying new calibers.

Doug, the 6x47L is super sweet. I run mine on IMR4451 with HVLD's 105. It's a kitty Kat to shoot. Why did you choose the 47 over the 6 creed ? The 47's can be finicky to tune or the 6 creeds. But, both shoot extremely well.
the reason I went with 6x47 is I’m already shooting a 6Creedmoor.  Currently my favorite rifle.  Found 41.6gr. of H4350 goes 2995fps no signs os pressure and groups nicely.  Looking forward to trying 6x47 from Josh.  My 6.5x47 arrives today from H&H Precision.  I’ll shoot that for awhile then the 6x47.  More guns just makes sense.

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