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Totally Geeked

Finally after 3 months of messing with my new Savage build she has become a tack driver. Purchased a Savage 12fv Cabela's exclusive in 6.5 Creedmoor this past November. Rebarreled with e Arthur Brown accuracy Barrel and installed a Choate stock and have been to the range several times this winter as weather allows in Michigan to find a sweet spot. Think I am dialed in with 42. 2 grains of h4350. Using Sierra 143 grain seated very close to the lands. I have shot several groups around 3/4 inch to 1 inch but noticed the moment I put a gorilla hold on the front of the stock things immediately shrunk. I shot two groups today out of five that are about 1/4 to 3/8 Moa with a flyer that opens the group to 3/4 inch. These were five shot groups at 100 yards. For the first time I feel confident to move back to 200 yards. Being 72 years old I don't get excited about lots of stuff but this made me jump & Shout LOL. I am shooting with a lead sled because I have a pacemaker and need to be careful with too much recoil in my shoulder. I have been allowing the front of the gun to float in the rest. But no more. She likes a very firm hold.

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That’s great news shamu! Awesome that you’ve found a safe way to shoot around that pacemaker. Stretch that little girl out and let us know how it goes with a little more distance. 👍😄

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Thanks JVW.  Have a box of Berger 130 target on the way.  Hope to eliminate the fliers

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Nice shooting!

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