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Stainless or Nitride

Going to get  a different barrel for my 6.5 Creedmoor what are the differences between Nitride and Stainless barrels?  both the same length any different in weight?  harder to break in?  easier to clean?  I have a BA 18in that shoots lights out that I will be posting for sale with the SLR adj gas block and gas tube and  replacing it with a 22in barrel either stainless or nitride. any and all info is appreciated. Thank You

Re: Stainless or Nitride

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....nitriding is a coating process, which can be applied to barrels made from 4150CMV or Stainless Stteel.  The nitriding process in essence a "salt bath" treatment of the metal that causes a molecular change in the surface of the metal, increasing hardness and lubricity. 

...if selecting a ntrided barrel, ask the vendor if the bore was polished or lapped BEFORE it was treated; once treated the increased hardness would make the bore highly resistant to any attempts to lap/smooth it. 

Re: Stainless or Nitride

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Nitride is supposed to have better corrosion resistance than stainless and higher surface hardness too.

I imagine it would make a longer lasting rifling but I've never seen any sort of test to study that.

The difference is probably not earth shattering, otherwise stainless would be going out of favor.

One reason why we probably don't see the difference is because the type of barrel made with stainless is kind of different than the type that's nitrided so comparisons are tough.

Nitride is usually seen as a step down from chrome lined barrels and a step up from parkerized.

Stainless is usually seen as a premium target barrel, not a bullet hose and a step up from blued.

I would like to see more target oriented nitride barrels.  I'm not sure why we don't see that.

Re: Stainless or Nitride

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Stainless barrels from a reputable company like Bartlein will resist throat erosion longer than even the best chrome moly alloys.

How a fully chrome lined chamber and barrel fares against stainless I'm not sure but since so many benchrest and target shooters get stainless barrels I would go that way.

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