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Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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This is a great thread...  lots of great information

I am an old retired Marine and I wanted to get back into shooting.  I did some long range shooting in the Corps (above and beyond annual rifle quals) and had one opportunity to shoot in inter-service championships at Quantico VA, including shooting my M14 at 1000 yards with iron sights.  Yes, I was able to consistently hit my target and even had a few bulls to go with it.

That was almost 4 decades ago and I never lost the passion to do it again.  The M14 is not legal in MD so I looked for something else that would bring me back to my old days.  I was leaning towards an AR10 in 308 but ended up with a 6.5 creedmore instead.  While I understand the significant advantages of a bolt action, i was keen on sticking with the semi-auto.  Maybe one day, I will graduate to something better.

I am currently waiting on the delivery of my new AR10.  It is a Super Sniper by Wilson Combat chambered in 6.5 Creedmore with a 22" fluted match barrel, adjustable gas port and etc.  The trigger is a 4lb match tactical.

i just signed up for PRS and am looking forward to putting my new gun to the test at long distances (1000+- yards).  To that end, I purchased a Schmidt and Bender PMII with an H59 reticle.

I am currently working on the next phase in getting ready for my new sport.... RELOADING the 6.5 Creedmore.

I already have a Dillion 550 and I already load .40, .45, and 223.  However, i do not plan on being fully progressive in my 6.5 loads because I want to make my powder measure a manual step.

I purchased 400 lapua cases for small primer and decided to get started with the lapua 136gr Scenar-L.  For primers, I chose the CCI BR#4.

As for powder, i had a misstep.  Because I was initially going with a 308, i purchased Vihtavouri N140.  Now I have 8lbs of N140 and cannot find a 6.5 Creedmore load with this powder using the 136gr Scenar.  Vihtavouri has a load for the lighter 6.5 bullets with the N140 but not for the heavier bullets.  The N140 is a faster burning powder than the N150 but not by much.

I just purchased the Redding 5.6 Creedmore die set and appreciate the advice above about getting the full length Type S sizing die.

Hopefully I haven't bored anyone with my story but I am open to recommendations for building the right load.  I am very interested in any feedback on the Vihtavouri N140 if anyone has experience with that powder. 

I think I am on the right path but I may be wrong.

Thanks in advance...

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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First, welcome to the forum mjarheadr!   There are some super smart, experienced AND accomplished guys here.  Second, you must be a Marine because you obviously don't mess around.  You're in!

There is a lot to comment on in your post and there are folks competing in PRS that can answer with the backing of experience.  I would suggest that you start a new thread though as future readers will find this interesting and it will be buried under a title that has limited applicability.

Sounds like you are about to have fun!

Welcome again,

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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Henryrifle, thanks for the comments and recommendation.  I will start a new thread.

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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You might want to consider a 'bushing' type FL resizing die. I use a Redding Type S bushing full length sizer die. It will allow you to size the entire case while maintaining exact control of the case neck with interchangeable bushings.

I bought the Redding Type S bushing full length sizer die.  Got a couple of questions:

   - what is the best method for determining the best neck size
  - the primer ejector pin has a round shaper (don't know what else to call it) for the inside diameter of the neck.  What good is sizing the neck on the outside if this shaper always returns it back to a set diameter from the inside.  I read a post that recommended using sandpaper to reduce the size of the shaper but cannot seem to find it again.

Suggestions / recommendations welcome.

Thanks in advance !!


Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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I bought the Redding Type S bushing full length sizer die.  Got a couple of questions:

   - what is the best method for determining the best neck size

I think this method is from Sinclairs loading hand book: (bullet diameter) + 2*(neckwall thickness) - ('n' desired neck tension). A real world example might be better. For a .308 Win using the following numbers:

.308 + 2(0.011) = 0.330

0.330 - 0.002 for neck tension = 0.328

Some people subtract a bit more for neck tension, but add in some (1-2 thousands) for brass spring-back.
- Use this only as a general guideline.     
Yes, I realize speling is a chalunge for sum of us...I am inkluded in that grup, so pleze fourgiv me. Ski-U-Mah!

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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Thanks... This helps

Based on what I heard somewhere else on the forum, i believe the recommendation was to set a little more neck tension when shooting a semi-auto as compared to a bolt gun due to the forces (inertia) acting on the cartridge/bullet by a gas gun slamming it into the chamber.

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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Setting the neck tension to 3 thousandths for a semi-auto is a good starting point and not uncommon.  I will tell you that while I did not try the 136g Scenars, I did try the 123g Scenars in my AR-10 and when loaded to max magazine length, they would often get hung up on the feed ramp or the receiver.  I did ultimately modify the receiver to have elongated feed ramps but also switched to a a polymer tipped projectile like the ELD-Match that cured the issue.

Sounds like you are getting close to loading and testing.


Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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I am getting close.  Actually, I should be able to build loads this weekend.  I ran into a situation with my primer bar on my RL550.  Once the replacement part comes in, I should be able to move forward.

With the feedback on this forum, I should also have the information i need to order a bushing to get started with.

More to come...

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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I went to the Redding site and they have a chart providing bushing ranges for all calibers, except 6.5 creedmore.  I submitted a request to Redding asking what they recommend for the 6.5 creedmore and they responded as follows:

"Provided the brass thickness is within SAAMI specifications, the bushing range would start at .285 and go up to .293"

using the formula above, my neck size without tension is .292 (lapua brass and the 136gr Lapua Scenar-L).  Gonna start with .290/.289.

Re: Reloading 6.5CM for Semi-Auto

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That is a reasonable choice.  I'd go .289/.288 but have to admit that I like more neck tension than many on this board.